October 27, 2020

(Market Trend (28th Sep 2020- 12th Oct 2020

روند نمودار نخ  و الیاف در چین


Crude oil: USD 40.6/barrel



PX: USD 518/ton


PTA: USD 425/ton


MEG: USD 463/ton

Market Trend:

Polyester filament

1. Affected by a hurricane, Mexico Gulf oil production shut down. Crude oil lifted last week, polyester raw materials cost slight rebound.

2. On product side, recent downstream order partially improved and market demand is rising somewhat. Both polyester production and sales are good and factory inventory overall declined.

3. Based on above two points, polyester filament prices are rising steadily. Short-term polyester market is expected strong shocks. It is suggested that you can purchase as per your firm demand in order to avoid any market risk. Focusing on crude oil, polyester raw material trend and end demand.


Downstream short-term firm demand remains strong, spandex factories have low inventory and keep high operation rate to meet hot market demand. Raw material cost also remains high level, so spandex prices extended upward trend.

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