Cooperation between Iran and China Textile Association

امضای تفاهمنامه همکاری بین انجمن صنایع نساجی ایران و انجمن مهندسین نساجی چین

Yarn Expo is an international fiber and yarn exhibition which is held every year in Shanghai. This exhibition presents products and innovations from around the globe. It is an important platform for communicating and informing in the textile industry and gives the exhibitors the opportunity to introduce themselves to the professional audiences. At the Yarn Fair, visitors can achieve comprehensive information about the latest products and changes in fiber and yarn.

This year, the exhibition was held in Shanghai from October 4-5, in which Dr. Shahin Kazemi on behalf of the Iranian Textile Industry Association and Mr. Albert Fu, President of the Chinese Textile Engineers Association agreed on cooperation. With this agreement, the Iranian Textile Industry Association formally joined the New Silk Road Partnerships in Alliance of International Textile Science & Technology (AITST).

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فهرست مطالب

نمایشگاه نخ و الیاف تویاپ ترکیه

نوزدهمین نمایشگاه بین المللی نخ استانبول 27 الی 29 بهمن 1401

کتاب تحلیل بازار پنبه

کتاب پتبه بازار نخ و الیاف ایران

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