Advantages and disadvantages of ring spinning

March 7, 2021
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سیستم ریسندگی رینگ

Ring spinning system

Although ring spinning is one of the most usable spinning techniques which is used as the main process of yarn production, it has its own problems too. Here are some common challenges you will face when using a ring spinning machine:

Ring spinning machine problems:

As mentioned, the ring spinning process is a very important process for yarn production and is used to produce different kinds of yarn, but it is difficult to manage and many problems arise during yarn production. Here are some mechanical and electrical problems during production:

  1. Most operators do not know how to control the machine.
  2. Untrained operators can cause problems for the bobbins and the twisting method and settings.
  3. Problems in yarn spinning (such as tearing the yarn) reduce the quality and efficiency of the machine.
  4. Improper maintenance can also damage the resulting twist and thread.
  5. Technical problems caused by the machine's electricity and lack of proper and timely diagnosis by specialized personnel can also cause damage to the machine and lack of proper twisting of the thread.
  6. Some machine problems also occur due to software, connection of different parts or changing the capacity of the machine.

Advantages of ring spinning machine:

In addition to the mentioned problems, there are advantages in the ring spinning system that improve the quality and increase the production.

Yarn strength:

In order to reduce the defects of the yarn and increase its quality, it is necessary to increase the strength of the yarn. In fact, yarn strength is a very important parameter that is also considered in the later stages of fabric production. The strength of the yarn depends on the twist of the yarn. The higher the yarn twist, the stronger the yarn. However, it should be noted that each yarn has a certain twist.

Cv thread:

From the point of view of yarn users, the amount of yarn changes is a very important parameter, but it is very difficult to control these changes in ring spinning. The .coefficient of yarn change depends on various parameters such as strength, count and etc.

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