May 28, 2019
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The introduction of a new regenerated cellulose acetate fibre in 1920 led to the necessity to develop an entirely new range of dyes.

It was found that acetate (or Celanese) fibre had hardly any affinity for water-soluble dyes.

A new dyeing principle was introduced: dyeing with water dispersed coloured organic substances.

These finely coloured particles are applied in aqueous dispersion to the acetate material & actually dissolved in the fibres.

Basically developed for dyeing of acetate fibres, Disperse dyes are also used for dyeing of polyamide (Nylon) & acrylic (Orlon & Acrylan) fibres.

With the addition of ‘carriers' or swelling agents these dyes are also used in dyeing of Polyester (Terylene, Dacron, etc.)

شماره تماس بازار نخ و الیاف ایران
اینستاگرام بازار نخ و االیاف ایران
تلگرام بازار نخ و الیاف ایران

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