Intermingle yarns

نخ های مونوفیلامنتی

DTY yarn is one of the PET products which is used considerably in the textile world market.

We can find DTY yarn in two forms; intermingle and simple. Intermingle yarns have knots in their structures. When we talk about the knot, most of the people imagine the knots tied when two threads are broken. Actually, they are tangle knots which are made by air flow, in other words, two parts become one part by the heated compressed airflow. These yarns are called interlaced yarns too. There are three types of intermingle yarn:

NIM (Non-intermingle) which has 0-10 knots per meter.

SIM (Semi-intermingle) which has 40-50 knots per meter.

HIM (High-intermingle) which has 100-120 knots per meter.

There are some advantages in intermingling process; comparing to old methods like sizing and true twisting which need separate additional equipment; intermingling is more economical and commercial and leads to lower cost for manufactured yarn.

If we want to explain the intermingling process; we can say that, the entrance is parallel filaments and the output is interlaced yarn and compressed air passes through the air jet nozzle in intermingling zone.

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