Jute and its application

February 26, 2022
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As mentioned in previous articles, Jute is a well-known cellulosic fiber with similar characteristics to flax fibers. They are hard fibers and need to soften before the spinning process.

This eco-friendly fiber has various applications due to its high tenacity, low thermal conductivity, antistatic property, biodegradability, etc. Some important uses of Jute fiber and yarn are listed below:

  •       Carpets and other floor coverings
  •      Bags and shoes
  •    Packaging
  •     Reinforced industrial applications
  •     Sacks

Recently, Jute is mixed with Cotton to produce Jutex to have the benefits of both fibers at lower prices.

Technical textile such as agro textile, geotextile, and so on is another high potential application area for Jute as a protective layer against erosion.

This light weight yarn is likely to be applied in the car industry as a nonwoven layer.

Although Jute is not suitable for apparel applications because of its rough texture, its special properties have made it applicable for certain garments such as jackets and gloves.

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