Polyester DTY yarn

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DTY or drawn textured yarn is made by simultaneous twisting and drawing of POY. This yarn is used in weaving and knitting to produce clothes, home textiles, seat covers, fabric bags and many other applications.

This yarn can be produced as super bright, bright, semi dull and full dull. Different processes are done on it to prepare this yarn for various applications.

This yarn can be also categorized as NON-Intermingle (NIM) having 0-10 knots/meter, Semi-Intermingle (SIM) having 40-50 knots/meters and High-Intermingle (HIM) having 120-140 knots/meter. These knots are made due to interpenetration of fibers by heating pressure.

Intermingle yarns which is also known as Interlace yarns can be used as a replacement of slight twisted yarn. The yarn also can be heat-set to make the twist permanently thermos-set.

Catonic DTY is another type of polyester DTY that is mainly used in blankets. It is made using Catonic PET chips.

Polyester DTY yarns can also be dyed by dope dyed technology or traditional dyeing. The dyed DTY yarns are packed on paper tubes but raw white yarns are loosely packed on perforated plastic tubes so all the yarns will be dyed when the tubes dipped in color.

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