Spandex yarn

Research in polyurethane began in Europe in 1937, led by Otto Bayer in the labs of the Bayer company. In 1939 Paul Schlack created a high molecular weight polymer that enable the production of fibers with outstanding elongation and stretch properties.

Spandex yarn is a man-made elastic fiber developed. It is a manufactured texture material with elastic properties of the sort referred to nonexclusively as “Elastic Yarn”. Spandex yarn is ordinarily used in athletic or dynamic dress. Spandex as an attire material is fetishized by a few people, maybe on the premise that the piece of clothing structures a “moment skin” that goes about as a fetishistic surrogate for the wearer’s own particular skin. This is known as lycra fetishism. Lycra is regularly one of the textures in tights.

Spandex can be stretched four to seven times its underlying length, yet springs back to it’s unique length once strain is discharged. While spandex seems, by all accounts, to be a solitary persistent string, it is in all actuality a heap of minor fibers.

Properties of Spandex Yarn/Elastic Yarn:

Heat: Sticks at 350-390F. Softens over 500F.

Bleaches &Solvents: Good resistance to oxidizing operators. Poor resistance to blanches.

Acids and Alkalis: Good

Abrasion: Good in weakened (powerless), however corrupts in solid acids and bases.

Mildew, Aging and Sunlight: Excellent maturing and buildup resistance. Good resistance to daylight.

Attributes of Spandex:

  • Long life and solid structure
  • Unique weave design
  • Ideally suited for mechanical and family unit applications

How to Spandex yarn or Elastic is used?

Elastic yarn is never used alone; it is constantly consolidated with another fiber (or strands), normal or man-made. Textures improved with spandex hold the presence of the dominant part fiber.

The sort of texture and it’s end utilize decide the sum and kind of Spandex required to guarantee ideal execution and style. As meager as 2 percent Lycra is sufficient to enhance a texture’s development, wrap and shape maintenance, while textures for elite articles of clothing, for example, swimwear and dynamic sportswear may contain as much as 20-30 percent spandex. Weaving or sewing methods, together with texture sort and end utilize, decide if spandex yarn is used in an exposed or secured yarn shape.

Application/Uses of Elastic yarn/Spandex Yarn:

Widely used for weaving items like:

  • Socks & stockings
  • Apparels
  • Sweaters
  • Gloves
  • Swimwear
  • Medical bandages
  • Smocking
  • Wrist bands
  • Head bandages


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