August 11, 2019

The new way to put light into fabrics

روشی نوین برای قرار دادن نور در پارچه


Angelina fiber properties:

new luminescent effects with endless design versatility

ultimate softness – an amazing, startling, cloud-like softness

deniers as fine as 7.5 denier

the optical yield is incredible

performance and well-being properties

no formaldehyde or harmful ingredients

eco-friendly P fibers

clear, metallic, iridescent and holographic color ranges

Angelina Fiber is a new, very fine (sized as small as 10 denier), unique fiber. Light reflective, as well as light refractive, Angelina is incredibly luminescent, while (unlike regular metallics) it has an extremely soft hand. Blended with other fibers in amounts as small as 2%, it gives sparkle and highlight to your yarn.


The base color of the fiber is when there is no direct light reflection. Every portion of the fiber reflects sparkles of color to the viewer and this gives the fiber its lively “color in motion” quality. The effect can be like watching light dance off the surface of water.


Angelina’s classifications : Iridescent, Holographic, Metalized and Electric. The Electric Angelina has soft reflection and solid electric colors. The metalized fiber gives soft metallic highlights while the Holographic Angelina has ultra high-tech color refractive sparks. Imagine the iridescence of butterfly wings diamond-like dew drops on a spider’s web!


Ÿapparel Ÿ

intimate wear

incredible t-shirts



contract furnishings

sparkling terry towels


window treatments


wet laid non-wovens

wall coverings



holiday display


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