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Spun fabric is a kind of fabric that is produced from a combination of polypropylene, cotton and polyester fibers with specific percentages. The textile artisans have gradually attracted to spun fabric because of the variety in thickness, color and other factors, as well as reasonable prices. Pricing of this fabric depends on its GSM (gram per square meter).

One of the advantages of this fabric is its outstanding printing durability. Of course, after several times of laundry the fabric pills, and removing it has its own limitations, but this can be neglected due to the proper price and durability of printing.

Consumers and artisans are well aware of the benefits of this fabric, which includes fast production, low cost, and sustainable design, using it in warehousing, building, agriculture, equestrian industry, aviation industry and salt storage.

Producing spun is different from other fabrics as they are knitted or weaved in the factory, but spun fabric is produced during pressing process by special textile machinery without any knitting or weaving. The main purpose of this fabric is professional services in the construction industry, fast delivery and durable printing.

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