March 28, 2020

Nylon yarn

Nylon yarn

Nylon yarn is a synthetic yarn that looks and feels like many natural fibers. Nylon was created as a substitute for silk because the latter material became difficult to obtain. Nylon is slightly stretchy, strong and cheaper than natural fiber yarns and this makes nylon good for many types of knitting projects. This yarn is also easy to work with, so it is a good material for beginner knitters.

Natural fiber yarns, such as cotton or wool, may be very expensive especially if the yarn must be imported and is organic. Nylon yarn can be an alternative which resembles the look and feel of wool, cotton, and even suede for a lower cost. It can be used to create any number of garments, accessories, or even home décor in place of natural fiber yarns.

When choosing a nylon yarn, it is typically important to choose a type which will suit your project. Some yarns have a rougher feel and are adequate for rugs or tapestries, but might not be good for garments. For making a baby blanket, it is generally a good idea to look for yarn which is very soft and not likely to irritate delicate skin. Many times, a cardigan sweater made of expensive cashmere can be imitated by nylon made to feel exactly like the pricier fabric. Visiting a yarn store to feel different types of nylon yarn may be a good idea, or if having the yarn shipped, look for detailed descriptions which explain the feel and look of the yarn.

Most nylon yarns can be machined-washed in warm or cold water and tumble-dried on low temperatures. It may be a good idea to wash or rinse the yarn by hand before using it, as the chemicals used to treat it may cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Allergies to the nylon itself are possible.

Some of the most important uses Nylon are:

  • Nylon is a high strength fibre. It is used for making fishing nets, ropes, parachutes and type cords.
  • It is used for making fabrics in textile industry.
  • Crinkled nylon fibres are used for making elastic hosiery.
  • Nylon is widely used as plastic for making machine parts.

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