(Market Trend (01st Dec. 2019- 16th Dec. 2019

روند نمودار نخ  و الیاف در چین


Crude oil: USD60.07/barrel

PX: USD795/ton

PTA: USD605/ton

MEG: USD593/ton

Market Trend:

Due to the agreement between China and the United States, as well as the rising cost of crude oil and petrochemical, the polyester cost is stronger during short term, each yarn factories would like to increase the prices in order to reduce loss, however, the terminal demand has not improved significantly at present, and future market confident is pretty weak. It is expected that the market would stable or little rise before Chinese New Year. In summary, it is suggested that you can purchase as per the firm demand in order to avoid any market risk. The market trend mainly concerns on the raw material, factory maintain situation and final terminal demand.

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