Fancy Yarn

نخ فانتزی

Yarn refers to a structure composed of continuous length of interlocked fibers. They are suitable for use in the production of textiles, sewing, crocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery and rope making. However, fancy yarn deviates from the normal yarns. These deviations occur mainly due to introduction of deliberate decorative discontinuities in the form of color, structure or both. The size and value of the market for fancy yarn is negligible. However, fancy yarns appear mainly in high value items, so their small volumes cannot be ignored. The fancy yarn gives a fancy touch to the fabrics to a broad range of end uses. Significant demand for the fancy yarns is the ladies and children outerwear.

Fancy yarn

The basic profiles of the fancy yarns are Spiral, Gimp, Slub, Knob, Loop, Cover, Chenille and Snarl yarns.

End use of fancy yarns

Classification of fancy yarns is done according to the type and form of material used for effect making. Type of material used for effect making refers basic material of the components, viz; cotton, wool, silk, polyester, nylon, blend etc. Whereas form of material refers forms of components used for the intended purpose. The components can be not only yarns made from staple fibers or filaments but also the lengths of yarns and/or filament, fabric pieces made up of woven material or knitted material or non-woven material as well as the polymer cover for the decorative coating of core component. They can be tape/ ribbon, metallic yarns etc. added for decorative means. The number and type of components virtually change the structure and exterior of the fancy yarn. The number of the components can differ from one to six and more. The classification based on method of manufacturing basically deals with direct or indirect process of getting fancy effect. Direct group deals with production of fancy yarn in single step by specialized equipment, viz; twister for fancy yarn making, special knitting machine etc. Whereas, and indirect category does not use specialized equipment for the production of fancy yarn. The production delays by the number of machines in sequence. Fancy yarn produced by ring spinning system is the best example for this category. Grouping of fancy yarn is based on the type of effects earned. Mainly deals with the variation in the optical, structural and compound effect.

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