Electrospinning Nano fibrous

November 28, 2018
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Electrospinning Nano fibrous

One of the fiber production methods that fabricate fiber or scaffold with at least one nano dimension is electrospinning. In this method electrical force is used to draw polymer solution up to fiber diameter from nano to macro scales, depend on final usage. Syringe and its pump, High voltage power supply and collector are the main parts of an electrospinning device. Electrospun fibrous have attracted many attentions due to their high surface area to volume ratio, porous communicated network, usage of variety of polymers and blends, tailored characteristic and ease of electrospinning method itself.

Some of electrospinning fibers and textures are

1-      Filtration

2-      Composites

3-      Medical usage (ex: Wound dressing, drug delivery, body tissue and etc.)

4-      Sensors

5-      Yarn manufacturing

6-      Pharmaceutical manufacturing

7-      Catalysts

8-      Membrane

9-      Energy storage and capacitors

10-  Electronics such as Batteries/cells

11-  Protective clothing

12-  Smart textiles

13-   Cosmetics

14-  And etc.

Electrospinning Tech. claimed that at least 7 countries including: Czech Republic, Iran, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and Turkey provide industrial-level and laboratory-scale electrospinning machines.




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