specific solution to filled pillows and quilts

October 13, 2018
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راه حل ویژه نسل جدید اولون برای کالای خواب

Ten years ago in 2008, the original version of Evolon had already been the first fabric for anti-mite encasings worldwide to be ECARF-accredited. Evolon New Generation has also been granted the Oeko-Tex mark (standard 100, product class 1, attachment 6), which certifies it is free of harmful substances and suitable for contact with baby skin.

Evolon New Generation is made from super-microfilaments that are half the thickness and twice the density of those used in the original Evolon. This increases its filtration performance significantly.

Morever, thanks to a perfect balance of breathability, permeability to water vapor and thermal insulation, Evolon New Generation provides the best combination of thermo-physiological properties for unparalleled comfort. Evolon New Generation’s properties and protection deliver constant performance even after repeated washings at 95°C.

Although the original Evolon was already a perfect solution for the manufacture of anti-mite encasings that help allergy sufferers, Evolon New Generation now provides a specific solution to make feather-filled pillows and quilts, filtering even tinier allergens and dust particles. Evolon New Generation creates also a new product for anti-allergy top-quality bed linen, with its premium appearance and luxury feel.

Evolon® New Generation made by Freudenberg has been awarded the prestigious European seal of quality for anti-mite bedding items. The fabric, which has only currently entered the market, specially meets the firm testing criteria in terms of filtration performance and sleeping comfort.

The seal of the independent European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) focuses to assist allergic patients select the suitable goods and services, by certifying the quality of products as well as services according to strict standards.

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تلگرام بازار نخ و الیاف ایران

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