VSF price rebounds in Chinese market

September 9, 2018
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VSF price rebounds in Chinese market

Offers for medium-end VSF in China climbed US cents 8 a kg in the week ended 31 August 2018 while high-end were up US cents 9 a kg on the week. In spot, 1.5D VSF jumped US cents 2 a kg as compared to last week while 1.2D was also up US cents 3.

Viscose staple fibre prices in China moved up in the week despite weakening pulp prices. Some traders were clearing their inventories and thus attracted some buying. However, mills followed up with small-volume requirements during the week.

Due to the release of new capacities and cautious mood among buyers, actual transactions were moderate.

Overall, VSF prices are likely to jump as market may see replenishment entering into September.

Prices in India and Pakistan were flat during the week.

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