August 1, 2018

Increasing polyester fiber in China and reducing the price of these Indian fibers

افزایش الیاف پلی استر در چین و کاهش قیمت این الیاف هند

In China, offers for 1.4D direct-melt-spun PSF in Jiangsu and Zhejiang jumped US cent 1 a kg in the week ended 6 July 2018. The same in Fujian and Shandong was relatively firm during the week.

PSF prices in China were raised amid firmer raw material costs and lower inventory in the region during the week. Meanwhile, downstream converters purchased only hand to mouth in the week. Prices were also supported by concerns that arose from expectations of production cutbacks by some plants, leading to lower inventory.

Overall, PSF prices in China may move up further in coming weeks supported by high feedstock costs.

In India, 1.4D PSF prices fell INR 1 a kg or down US cents 2 a kg during the week.

In Pakistan, PSF prices were pegged stable last week after an upward revision two weeks ago.

شماره تماس بازار نخ و الیاف ایران
اینستاگرام بازار نخ و االیاف ایران
تلگرام بازار نخ و الیاف ایران

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