Ethiopia approves import of pest-resistant improved cotton variety

January 2, 2016
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Ethiopia approves import of pest-resistant improved cotton variety

The Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute (ETIDI) on Thursday said that the country’s textile industry is presently

facing shortage of raw cotton,

 to address the problem it has been decided to import pest resistant improved cotton variety.

Sileshi Lemma, Director General of ETIDI, said that a study meant to address the shortage has been conducted and importing improved variety was taken as a solution.

The country has already approved a proclamation which offers permission for the importation of cotton variety.

Following the increasing number of textile industries, the shortage of raw cotton is becoming acute, Fasil Tadesse, President of the Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers Association, said.

According to Fasil, the shortage, coupled with cotton’s low quality, is affecting the country’s textile industries not to manufacture with their full capacity and become competitive.

Mesele Mekuria, Cotton Development Inspection Director at ETIDI, said that the new variety will increase the country’s cotton harvest by up to 40 percent.

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