China Market Trend (30th MAR., 2020- 13th APR., 2020)

April 15, 2020
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روند نمودار نخ  و الیاف در چین


Crude oil: USD 22.76/barrel

PX: US 375/ton

PTA: USD 410/ton

MEG: USD 402/ton

Market Trend:

Crude oil fluctuated widely under the OPEC agreement to cut output, polyester cost end remained range bond, recently production and sales had obviously fall, at the moment end demand still has not improved, so market still needs to be cautious. However, after the recent sharp drop in factory inventory, short-term pressure has somewhat eased. The polyester market is expected to be range-bound today, focusing on crude oil, the trend of polyester raw materials and terminal demand.




شماره تماس بازار نخ و الیاف ایران
اینستاگرام بازار نخ و االیاف ایران
تلگرام بازار نخ و الیاف ایران

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