peanuts fiber

peanuts are one of the best sources of plant fiber production. This plant usually grows in hot and humid areas. Every year, a large amount of this product is used to produce oil and butter and it can be a huge source for fiber production.
Chemical structure of peanut fibers:
Peanut fiber has a round cross- section, a linear and soft longitudinal surface. Reviews show that their tensile strength is also 8-12 kg/m2 and burns at 250 degrees Celsius without melting and creates ash, these fibers are also destroyed in sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorite. This fiber is very similar to wool fibers, but is does not become felt like it and it is more sensitive to moisture than wool.
The five main stage of peanut production:
• Extracting peanut oil from it
• Protein extraction
• Preparation of spinning solution
• Fiber production
• Completion

Oil extraction: in order to remove the oil from the peanuts, they are pressed by special machines and finally washed with hexane.

Protein extraction: in the next step, in order to completely remove the solvent, the almonds whose oil has been extracted are exposed to steam. Then they are cooled, separated, weighed and packed. the process of separating protein from them is prepared by dissolving them in caustic soda.

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