Sayro spinning

The properties of spun yarns are mainly influenced by the fiber properties and yarn structure, and the yarn structure is mainly influenced by the spinning system. In fact, each spinning system leads to the production of a distinctive yarn structure. Sayro spinning is one of the new methods of spinning long fibers.

Siro or Elitwist spinning is a method in which two single-ply yarns with a true S or Z twist are combined together in a ring spinning machine, and the combined yarn will have the same single-ply twists. Compared to double-ply yarns produced in traditional and common ways, such a yarn is more compact, and created by warping, many of the protruding fibers from the surface of the yarns are transferred inside, and therefore the lint is less and the surface of the produced yarn is less and It will be softer.

Traditionally, in order to use the yarns during weaving, they are twisted to increase the strength of the yarn and the lint and fibers protruding from the surface of the yarn go inside and create a softer surface.

Some features of Sayro thread:

  • High strength
  • Low fluff
  • Better uniformity
  • Smoother surface
  • No need for a separate twisting process

The figure below shows a comparison between this thread and the thread obtained from the compact and vortex spinning systems.

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