Weft knitting

بافندگی حلقوی پودی

Weft knitting is a method of fabric production that is produced by bending a part of yarn in the shape of a ring, and passing these rings through each other in different ways.

In the weft weave, the yarns cross over or under each other, and at least two groups of yarns (yarn and weft) are needed. While in circular knitting, a part of a thread is made into a loop and a part of the thread passes through that loop. Therefore, weft ring fabric can also be woven with a weft thread. On the other hand, the threads in the woven fabric are not easily separated and the fabric does not fall apart. But in loop knitting, if we pull the free thread, the loops will open one after another. As a result of this action, which is called splitting, the whole structure of the fabric is disintegrated.

Advantages of ring weave:

  • More weaving speed
  • Ease of working with the machine
  • The ability to weave different designs
  • The ability to weave with different threads
  • Reducing the problems of working with machines to create complex designs

In weft loop knitting, the loops are formed in the horizontal direction so that the loop is connected to the next loop in the horizontal row. It is also possible to produce fabric using one bundle of yarn, but to increase the weaving speed, nowadays up to 192 bundles of yarn are also used to produce fabric.

Ring structure

The ring is the only element of forming a fabric with ring texture, so two issues will be of special importance:

  • Ring building
  • And How to form the ring according to the position of the needle and cams

The rings are connected from both horizontal and vertical sides. It is obvious that the way of connecting the rings to each other should be such that the rings do not come apart due to the forces applied to the fabric. In fact, connecting the rings horizontally and vertically creates continuity in the entire fabric. Due to the ring structure, if we stretch the fabric, the rings act like a spring and as a result, the fabric becomes elastic.


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