COOLMAX fabrics

COOLMAX is a polyester fiber with a unique structure. Because the fibers surface is larger than regular fibers, the fabric offers excellent breathability. The advantage is that the fabric offers optimal effectiveness in drawing moisture away from the skin.

COOLMAX fabrics can be washed in the washing machine, but take care with the use of fabric conditioner, chlorine and bleaching agents. The fabric is quick drying, so a drier is hardly necessary. Handy when travelling!

The benefit of using COOLMAX fabrics for shirts is the comfort it offers. The fabrics are cooling and have a soft hand feel.

To sum up, COOLMAX fabrics are: comfortable while still looking fashionable, soft, lightweight and breathable.

How is COOLMAX fabric made?

COOLMAX fabric is identical to other forms of polyester in most ways aside from the notable exception of the shape of its fibers. Therefore, the COOLMAX production process mainly follows the steps used to produce other types of polyester fibers. This process is divided into four major stages:

  1. Polymerization
  2. Proprietary melt spinning process
  3. Drawing
  4. Weaving

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