Different kinds of sewing thread

March 7, 2022
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Sewing thread is one of the most important component of each garment. It should be specially designed to move smoothly through the sewing machines. So it is twisted ply and is exposed unique finishing.

The performance of a sewing thread can be evaluated by its strength, resistance to abrasion, resistance to chemicals, elasticity, color fastness and so on.

A suitable sewing thread should have smooth and uniform surface and low shrinkage as well. On the other hand, its tensile strength and initial module should be considered.

Different kinds of natural and synthetic fibers can be utilized as sewing thread. Cotton is the most common natural yarn but as it has low strength and high shrinkage, it is usually mixed with polyester. Polyester is the most well-known synthetic fiber for all purposes.

Choosing the best sewing thread directly depends on the user application.

Various finishes are also used to improve the quality of the yarn. They enhance the thread abrasion resistance, smoothness and strength. Some especial finishes such as water repellent, fire retardant, anti bacteria/fungi etc can improve the performance of the thread.

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