Calendering and its effective factors

December 30, 2021
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Calendering is a complex process of temperature, moisture and force effects to modify fabric surface features. Calendering can be achieved using hot rollers and can be changed based on the need by changing the rotation rate and pressure of the rollers and temperature.

Calendering is a mechanical finishing way which makes the fabric crease free.

This process is also suitable for the heat sensitive polymers.

This method provides higher lustrous appearance on the surface of the fabric, improve smoothness of the fabric, increase the fabric cover factor, decrease the thickness of the fabric, change the fabric porosity and reduce its air permeability.

Calendering mechanism:

When the fabric passes the wet finishing part, it becomes crease and lost its lustrous, calendering is used to overcome these issues.

Impacting factors on calendering process:

  • Number of drums (press sections)
  • Roller pressure
  • Roller speed
  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Type of roller

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