Acrylic and Modacrylic fibers

انواع نخ و الیاف (اکریلیک)

Both acrylic and modacrylic fibers are synthetic polymer fibers manufactured using acrylonitrile as a monomer. Acrylic fibers contain at least 85% by weight of acrylonitrile units whereas modacrylic fibers composed of 35-85% by weight of acrylonitrile units. This difference in their chemical content affect their dyeing behavior.

The following table shows some features of these fibers:

.Sr. NoMod AcrylicAcrylic
1The units of acrylonitrile in the Mod Acrylic vary between 35 to 85%.Acrylic fiber has more than 85% acrylonitrile units.
2Mod Acrylic has higher specific gravity than AcrylicAcrylic has lower specific gravity
3The Mod Acrylic begins to soften at 500 – 1000 F.The Acrylic fiber begins to soften at 4500 – 5000 F.
4Mod Acrylic can’t be heat set & texturized.The Acrylic fiber can be heat set & texturized.
5Mod Acrylic has self-extinguish flame behavior.Acrylic does not have self-extinguish flame behavior
6The specific gravity of Mod Acrylic fiber is nearly 1.35 gms/cc.The specific gravity of Acrylic fiber is 1.17 gms/cc.
7A very low tenacityHigh tenacity ( is 2–3.5 g/d)
8Typical moisture regain is 3.5%Moisture regain is 1–2 percent
9Comparatively Modacrylic fiber dry more quicklyAcrylic fiber materials are quick drying.
10Low softening temperatures of modacrylic fibers allow them to be stretched, embossed and moulded into special shapesAcrylic fibers recover well from small amounts of stretching
11Mod Acrylic fibers are comparatively less suitable for processing into high bulky yarnsAcrylic fibers are more suited for processing into high bulky yarns
12Modacrylic fibers have outstanding resistance to many chemicals and solvents, and are not attacked by moths and mildew.Acrylic fiber has a good resistance to moths, mildew, mineral acids, and chemical substances. The resistance to weak alkalize is fairly good, while hot strong alkalizes rapidly attack acrylic fiber
13Modacrylic fibers have a moderate resistance to abrasionAcrylic fiber have high resistance to damage by abrasion
14Excellent resistance to sunlightHighly resistant to sunlight
15Types of Modacrylic fiberTypes of Acrylic fiber
16Dynel and VerelOrlon, Acrylian, Creslan and Zefran

Most acrylic and modacrylic fibers are produced as staple fibers. In order to generate bulky yarns, the fibers with different shrinkage property could have blended. These fibers have varied cross section and denier.

Acrylic fibers considering their similarity to wool are used to produce blankets, sweaters, hosiery, knitting yarns, carpet, home furnishings, and etc.

On the other hand, modacrylic fibers due to their high thermal resistance are considered as a good choice for flame retardant textiles. One another interesting property of the modacrylic fibers is their resistance against electric arc. They could also be used for a variety of purpose for example in filters, toys and paint-roller covers.

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