CF , BCF yarn


Increasing progress of the textile industries including rug, carpet and flooring industries throughout recent years, has led to an increase of demand for different types of polypropylene yarns given this product’s affordable price. The production of these yarns that is done through a polypropylene granules melt-spinning system, by melting this polymer in the extruder and passing materials through the spinnerets, the created threads are put under 3 times heated stretching (DR = 3) and then they are spun on bobbins.
If using the texturizing region that majorly uses hot air current and over feed, the yarn becomes puffy that is commonly referred to as BCF yarn (Bulked Continuous Filament). In the absence of the texturizing unit and the production of propylene yarn without the puffiness, “CF” (Continuous Filament) yarn is produced.
In these machineries, for creating a connection between the filaments, cording jets are also used.

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