Differences between Warp knitting and weft knitting

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One of the methods of fabric production in the textile industry is the “Warp knitting “, which is called the “knitting” in Iranian industries. The speed of producing fabric by modern machines in this industry is much faster than weaving machines of warp and weft system as well as other methods of fabric production in textiles.

In warp knitting, loops of yarn form along the length of the fabric. As the yarn which is placed in the warp and weft fabrics along the fabric is called the warp, this method knitting is called warp knitting. Each yarn forms loops along the fabric

The loops created across the width of the fabric are also connected together

 The number of clues required for the texture of a warp knitting fabric depends on the width of the fabric and the lateral density of the fabric rings

 In contrast to the weft knitting method that is possible to produce fabric with a few threads. This method requires thousands of clues. For this reason, in warp knitting, the yarn needed for knitting is twisted on spools and fed to the machine.

Comparison of warp knitting and weft knitting and the uses of produced fabrics.

  1. In weft knitting, it is possible to produce fabric even with a bundle of yarn, so it is an easier way to turn yarn into fabric.
  2. In weft knitting, it is possible to produce more diverse texture and use different types of yarn in comparison to warp knitting.
  3. The speed of warp knitting is higher than weft knitting. However, currently the speed of many new weft knitting machines is such that there is less difference between warp and weft knitting.
  4. The speed of changing map and the variety of maps in the weft knitting is higher, and the production costs in this method are much lower.
  5. Under normal knitting conditions, the fabrics produced by the warp knitting method have more dimensional stability than the weft knitting, because if the yarn of a loop is torn and the structure of the weft knitted fabric is stretched, a defective line of vertical dislocation is created in the fabric. While the structure of warp knitted fabric is blurred in such a way that longitudinal dislocation does not occur easily.
  6. Fabrics knitted by the weft knitting method have more elasticity than fabrics knitted by the warp knitting method.
  7. In warp knitting, there is at least one thread in a row for each needle. Therefore, due to the large number of needles on the machines, the beaming is required, which increases the preliminary operations for the production of the fabric, compared to the weft knitting.
  8. Knitted loose textiles are commonly used to make underwear, blouses, sweaters, coats and skirts, sportswear and sea clothes, sweaters, socks, gloves, scarves, hats, blankets, rumble curtains, industrial, medical, home textiles and Decorations arrive.

weft knitted textiles are commonly used to make underwear, blouses, sweaters, suits, sportswear and sea clothes, sweatshirts, socks, gloves, scarves, hats, blankets, curtains, industrial textile, medical textile, home textiles and Decorations.

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