Cotton fiber

الیاف پنبه

The fineness of cotton fibers is usually expressed by the word decitex, which is something between 1.1-2.3 decitex.

Indian cotton: 2-2.3dtex

American cotton: 1-2.2 dtex

Egyptian cotton: 2-1.8 dtex

The finer the fibers, the stronger they are. But it should be noted that the cotton is completely ripe because unripe cotton is also delicate but not strong enough. On the other hand, excessive fineness increases the tangling of the thread during weaving and reduces the efficiency.

Properties of cotton fibers:

with a moisture content of 8%

Flexible, resistant to acid and weak alkali, comfortable, absorbent

Low resistance to wrinkles and shrinkage

Ten percent increase in wet strength

These fibers are from different countries such as: India, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan ,Afghanistan ,Sudan ,Brazil

And Australia enters.

Export and import of Cotton fiber

Cotton fiber India Uzbekistan Tajikistan


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