Cotton fiber, king of fiber

الیاف پنبه

The cotton was in a bundle of short fibers that covered the cotton plant in the form of a ball.

Each cotton boll contains six to seven seeds, each containing 20,000 fibers. Currently, cotton is the most used natural fiber (56%) in the textile industry in the world and is sold at the price of treatment. Historians believe that the first use of this glass dates back to 3000 BC in India and then it was transferred from this country to Egypt and China.

Conventional cotton cultivation is carried out in areas with warm climates. The main factor determining the quality of cotton fibers is its length. The longer the fiber length, the higher the quality.

  • The length of short cotton fibers is between 2.4-95 cm
  • The length of medium fibers is between 2.86-54 cm
  • The length of long fibers is between 6.35-3 cm. Properties of

Cotton fiber properties:

  • With 8% moisture content
  • Flexible, resistant to acid and weak alkali
  • Comfortable, low absorbency against wrinkles and shrinkage
  • Ten percent increase in strength in wet state

Buyers grade cotton according to standards set by the USDA, such as cleanliness, whiteness, fiber length, and fiber strength. The fineness of cotton fibers is usually expressed by the word decitex, which is something between 1.1-2.3 decitex.

  • Indian cotton: 2-2.3 dtex
  • American cotton: 1-2.2 dtex
  • Egyptian cotton: 2-1.8 dtex

The finer the fibers, the stronger they are. But it should be noted that the cotton is completely ripe because unripe cotton is also delicate but not strong enough.

On the other hand, excessive fineness increases the tangling of the thread during weaving and reduces the efficiency. The tensile strength of this fiber is something between wool and silk fibers.

The return from the stretch state of these fibers is very weak, although this characteristic can be improved by methods such as the use of chemicals or mixing it with other elastic fibers.

The return from the Cotton fibers have twists in their longitudinal direction, but the direction is not always constant and changes along the length of the fiber. This feature helps to weave it better.

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