the effect of covid-19 on the Global Cotton Price


In this article, we will study the global price of cotton in the months before the outbreak of the Corona virus, the months of the peak of the outbreak and the months of the decrease in the incidence of this virus and the gradual opening of factories.

Note the following table:

Investigating the effect of Coronavirus (covid-19) on the Global Cotton Price

DatepriceRate of change
Jun 20191/71
Jul 20191/67% 2/34 -
Aug 20191/56% 6/59 -
Sep 20191/57% 0/64
Oct 20191/63% 3/82
Nov 20191/65% 1/23
Dec 20191/67% 1/21
Jan 20201/74% 4/19
Feb 2020 1/69% 2/87 -
Mar 20201/49% 11/83 -
Apr 20201/40% 6/04 -
May 20201/45% 3/57

This table shows the price in terms of dollars and the percentage change in the price of cotton fibers from June 2019 to May 2020. According to this table, the price of cotton has always been fluctuating, but since February 2020, the price reduction has started and the highest decrease in the price of cotton was in March 2020, and the price reduction has continued for April.

In May 2020, cotton prices increased due to the gradual opening of factories and the start of various industries. For a closer look at this issue, see the chart below:

As can be seen in the chart, March and April, the peak of the corona, saw the largest price decline.

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