BCF and CF yarns

درباره نخ BCF و CF

The production of these yarns is done melting polypropylene chips. After melting this polymer in the extruder machine and passing the material stream from the spinneret machine, the strings heat set and then wrapped around the .bobbin

In the case of using a texture zone, in which hot air and overfeeding is mainly used, the yarn would be bulked and called BCF, which is referred to as “Bulked Continuous Filament”. In the absence of a TEXCHRIZE unit and the production of a non-bulky polypropylene thread, Continuous Filament (CF) thread will be produced.

In these machines, knot free interlacing jets are also used to connect the filaments. The BCF yarn can be used in the carpet and moquette industry. Also, CF yarn is used in industries such as furniture cover and decorative fabrics, sack weaving, braiding, shoelaces, producing belts for different kind of bags, sacks and backpacks.

Our company is capable to supply dyed and raw CF yarns from Denier 300 to 3000, with and without UV.

We can supply raw and colored BCF yarns from Denier 1000 to 3000 which might be simple, heatset and twisted.

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