micro fibers

الیاف میکرو(micro fibers)

The microfilament count is less than one denier, for example the micro filament polyester’s count is 0.5 micron which is less than the polyester filament (count are mostly 3-5 microns) in PET yarn. These fiber are so delicate and weak so we can say they are even more than delicate the subtle silk fiber. The diameter of this fiber is less than 10 micrometer.

This delicacy excuse great properties as below :

1)The handle is kind and softness,

2)The drape ability increase,

3)The flexibility is very high,

4)At high compression of knitted fabrics , anti-winding and water proof  properties can be created ,but also have very small pores and  surface force that help to extend the steam of sweat body and increase comfort,

5)The diameter of the filament with 0.5 denier is 7 micron that it equal to wavelength of the middle region of infrared(2-20 micrometer) and results in very good thermal  insulation properties, to scatter radiation and ultimately reduced body temperature,

6)It gives the products  beauty and  good appearance,

7)Afer dying the elegance fibers are luster and smooth,

There are some disadvantages include “their low thermal capacity during  pressing and vulnerable when they are moving around.

For the first time microfibers was produced in 1980 in Japan, that are based on two component  model(Sea- Island).In this model fibrils are in sea of polymer. Then the fiber being drawn and produced fabric. After production the polymer was solved by solvent and only fibrils stayed. later they release on the market with the” synthetic leather “brand.

Another method of producing these fibers is called “fragmentable parts”which is using two incompatible polymers with weak adhesion. Due to the mechanical stress such as “Carding “ these fibers  are exposed to short fibers and a bundle of microfilaments with a wedge –shaped cross section are produced. the combination of  Ethylene terephthalate/Polypropylene/Nylon6 polymers is one of the suitable sample for using this method.

These fiber are used in non-woven textiles such as filters, sensitive optical instruments and to clean the microelectronics component.

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