About BCF yarn

Synthetic fibers are a group of textile fibers that are not commonly found in nature, but may have a natural root.

Texturizing includes a set of operations in which synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, acrylic acquire properties like natural fibers such as wool, cotton, silk, etc. This means that the fabric, the appearance and type of tissue are converted into suitable fibers for producing textiles.

Synthetic fibers include acrylic fibers, polypropylene fibers, polyamide fibers (nylon), and polyester fibers.

Textured polypropylene threads are known as BCF threads. BCF is large in size and doesn't have elasticity. These yarns are used for products such as woolen, sheets, carpet covering, carpet yarn, floor covering, furniture covering and other textiles that require large size yarn with high coverage.

The fibers used in the production of machine-made carpets include “Staple Yarn” and “Continuous Yarn” or “BCF”, which is abbreviated as “Bulk Continuous Filament”. The difference between these two is their length.

Each type has some advantages and disadvantages. However, using of BCF fibers in carpet production is increasing.

The use of BCF yarns in the production of machine-made carpets causes less lint in carpet, because the fibers used are continuous and cannot be easily removed from the warp and woof. In addition, if the BCF threads are heat set, its softness and stability will also increase.

It may sound that polypropylene should not be consumed due to its poor properties, but the low price of polypropylene is the main reason for its expansion. Iran has many advantages for producing BCF yarn over its oil production (something Turkey completely lacks). Iran has a great chance to become a powerful country in this field.

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