What Is Viscose

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Fabric may be synthetic, natural or manufactured and comes in all sizes, shapes, weights and constructions. You may wonder what the viscose is because it is a textile, which is a little misunderstood. Maybe you know it better as Rayon.

Viscose is the generalized term for a regenerated manufactured fiber, made from cellulose, obtained by the viscose process. As a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber, it is neither truly natural (like cotton, wool or silk) nor truly synthetic (like nylon or polyester) – it falls somewhere in between.

Some characteristics of viscose

Viscose has brilliant qualities, which causes several industries use it, to create a wide range of products.

Some of the most beneficial characteristics of viscose include:

Very smooth

No static build up

Excellent color retention

Highly absorbent


Does not trap body heat


Strong and robust

Versatile – it blends very well with other fibers

Drapes well

Relatively light

Soft and comfortable

There are some less positive traits to viscose:

It can wrinkle easily

Can shrink when washed

Fibers can weaken when wet

Susceptible to mildew

Deteriorates with exposure to light

A little care during wearing and washing will make these traits obsolete.

Is viscose a sustainable fabric?

To make viscose stand up to regular wearing and washing, it must be chemically treated. In regards to the use of chemicals in the production of viscose, as fabric technology advances, many manufacturers are making considerable and positive efforts to ensure clean production. As we continue to strive for a green-friendly world, increasing work is being put into the sustainability of fibers such as viscose.

Viscose has many desirable qualities, which makes it a wonderful fiber to work with in many ways. Because of its unique versatility, many industries use viscose, from fashion, to the medical profession, to everyday items in the home.

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