Spacer Fabric

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Spacer Fabric

Spacer fabric is made of two separate fabric webs that are joined together by spacer threads or fibers. The zone between these two webs creates a layer of air, which insulates and thermoregulates. Changing the structure of the knitted construction alters the amount of air which is put in the assembly.

The yarn material used to join two fabrics is mostly a stable, pressure tolerant material which is defined as “space”. Spacer fabrics are flexible, breathable, soft and resilient. They come in a variety of textures, designs, weights, and colors.

Differences between spacer fabric and other fabrics


Because of its 3D structure, spacer fabric offers more extensive conditions for varied application. It presents special physical features which are:


Thermo-regulating properties

 Lightweight, soft, pleasant on the skin


 Definable elasticity properties

 Transport and absorb moisture

Ageing resistant and capable of sterilization

 Offer active breathing properties

What are the techniques of knitting the spacer fabric?

 Flat Bed knitting

 Weft Knitting

Warp Knitting

Many different properties can be set into the fabric to reach special features through its producing process.

 Varying degrees of open or closed knit

 Variable thickness

 Variable compression

 Rigid or Conformable construction

 Waterproofing on one or both sides

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