Metallic fibers

الیاف فلزی

Metallic fibers contain metals, metallic alloys, plastic-coated metal, and metal-coated plastic in their structures.

Our ancestors used gold and silver in order to produce fiber and yarn, this means that metallic fibers could be used as a garment and cloth in the past. Recently aluminum yarns, aluminized plastic yarns, and aluminized nylon yarns are used as a replacement of gold and silver.

Today stainless steel, nickel, titanium, copper and, aluminum fibers are manufactured by metallic fiber industries.

Like the other fibers, metallic fibers can be converted to the non-woven textiles. We can use needle punching for entangling the separate fibers in the structure of the textile in very limited cases.

We can produce yarn by metallic fibers through the spinning; there are two types of these yarns: one contains low amount of fibers and another contains high amount of fibers and they can be converted to yarn by twisting and traditional spinning process.

Metallic fiber can be blended with other fibers like PET, cotton, wool during the spinning for manufacturing blended yarns and then these yarns can be used in knitting or weaving for producing fabrics.

These fibers and yarns are manufactured in Europe, in the United States and China. These fibers have many applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Technical Textiles, Power and Marine.

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