Technical fibers

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These types of fibers are different from other typical ones which are used for producing normal garments. By changing the process of manufacturing or the composition we can make a new fiber with unique characteristics that are used specifically.

Aramid fibers (Nomex and Kevlar), carbon fibers and glass fibers are numbers of the most used technical textile that each one has special properties.

Aramid fibers: for instance, we can recognize Nomex fibers by its high heat resistance which is used in firefighter cloth and Kevlar by its high impact resistance which is used in a bulletproof vest. There are too many other usages for these fibers.

Glass fiber: These fibers have high tensile strength and good thermal properties and they are brittle in nature and cannot be dyed. Nowadays we can see, these fibers are used in Civil construction, Aerospace market, and Automotive market.

Carbon fibers: carbon fibers have high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance and high stiffness and, many other advantages which made these fibers suitable for technical usages like civil engineering and military

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