July 6, 2019

Selecting suitable yarn for sewing

For sewing, you have to choose a suitable kind of yarn according to the fabric properties and the final use. If yarn is too delicate or too weak to use, it can ruin the fabric. If yarn which is selected is too thick, it can also tear the fabric. The type of stitching to be done on the fabric should be specified, some stitches are decorative and some are simple.

We suggest the following types of yarn for sewing:

Cotton yarn: A typical cotton yarn that is found in most shops and handicraft stores is ideal for delicate fabrics and lingerie sewing. Cotton with Medium size is suitable for cotton, rayon and linen fabrics.

Stranded Cotton: This yarn is made of six strands woven together. These are usually used in embroidery, and often the result is too thick.

Polyester yarn: Suitable for synthetic fibers. It is used for both sewing machine and hand sewing.

Embroidery yarn: This yarn is mostly rayon and suitable for embroidery with sewing machine.

Invisible yarn: this yarn is similar to fishing yarn. This thread is tight and invisible, and is ideal for stitches that need to be hidden in the sewing area.

Nylon yarn: This yarn is light, durable and flexible and suitable for plastic, leather, velvet fabrics and etc.

Silk Thread: This yarn is made of silk and is used for sewing silk and delicate fabrics.

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