About Organza

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Organza is a light, thin and tough fabric with a very delicate texture.

It is used in dresses fabric because of its lightening and as aster in wedding dresses, and because of its delicate texture it is used in producing different kinds of curtain, ribbons which are used as necklaces, flowers on hair, hats, clothes and vests, or other decorative items. Little organza gift bags are so functional and nice. Some craftsmen use colorful fabric of organza as necklace. It can be used as curtain in different part of the house because of its color variation.

When sewing the organza fabric by a sewing machine, you need a straight presser foot and a very delicate needle so the fabric doesn’t slip during stitching. When ironing this fabric, you have to lower the iron temperature and do it carefully because high temperature makes the fabric ignition. It is good to wash the organza fabric with warm water.

The organza fiber and yarn include polyester, nylon and silk (which is known as Harir in Iran) that are produced in simple texture on large fabric. This fabric is transparent that you can see its texture and warp and weft easily.

The only disadvantage of Organza fabric is that it easily wrinkles.

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