What is Lycra?

Lycra or Spandex is a fabric with a high elasticity made of artificial fiber, and is commonly used in producing women's dress, this fabric is more durable than natural rubber and has a high resistance to environmental factors and it can be stretched up to five times more than its real size without any damage to its texture. Even after washing it with hot water and hanging it, you will see no changes in its size.

Lycra is usually combined with cotton or polyester and a fabric with a very sturdy texture is produced.

Lycra Cotton Fabric Properties

There are pores in the cotton fiber which causes the body doesn't feel so hot during summer, and also prevents the body from sweating and bad smell, and makes you feel good.

Cotton and lycra have good compatibility with each other and it can be said they make fabric with the highest quality.

Usage of Lycra fabric

Lycra is used in producing clothes:

Difference types of clothing and sportswear such as wrestlers' clothes, belts, gloves, socks, leggings, orthopedic bandages, sailing clothes, tight jeans, ski pants, underpants, bathing suits, tight pants and many Other uses.

Lycra or spandex yarn, like the other yarns, is added to the fabric during the producing process, which is also called lycra fabric, but there are many reasons for adding lycra yarn to fabric:

The lycra elasticity makes it not change in size after washing and usage and returns to its original shape (unlike cotton fabrics that changes a lot in size and shape)

Viscose yarn on its own has very low strength and cannot be used in texturing. Using lycra strengthen it.

Lycra gives clothes high mobility that is very useful in sports and aerobics clothing.

Stretching of lycra is used in fashion and creating attractive clothes.

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