May 30, 2019

How does natural fiber make your life better?

When you are buying clothes, you may think about the origin or material of the fabric.

Each fabric has its own special features and positive and negative attributes, but in this article we want to focus on natural fabrics.

What are natural fabrics?

Natural fabrics are made of natural fibers that people are using them for hundreds and even thousand years. Some natural fibers are:

Linen: The oldest and most known fabric which is made from flax. It is washable, smooth, anti-allergic and resistant to sunlight.

Cotton: These fibers have a great variety. They’re also soft, anti-allergic and moisture absorbent.

Hemp: It comes from cannabis. It is very strong and durable and keeps its shape well.

Silk: Protein fiber that is produced by silkworm. Silk fiber is strong, anti-allergic and has a beautiful and shiny appearance.

Wool: Protein-based fibers that can be combined with human-made fibers. It is durable, warm, flexible, colorful and moisture absorbent.

Jute: Jute is a long and shiny fiber which is used to produce strong threads for making furniture and carpet yarns. It is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Bamboo: The fibers are derived from bamboo plants which is durable, strong and stable.

As you can see, this list includes fibers derived from animals and plants. Fiber is used to make yarn and yarn is used to make fabric. These textiles can be used to make clothes and furniture. They are also used in other fields, such as industry and medicine.


The Benefits of Natural Fabrics

In addition to environmental sustainability, most of natural fabrics are biodegradable, moisture absorbent, durable, and recyclable. Fibers such as cotton grow organically, and pesticides and chemicals are not used in its production.

The high absorption in natural fabrics is an important feature. Cotton and linen fabrics are cool in hot weather because of this feature. Of course, dresses with thicker and warmer fibers keep the body warm in cold weather.

Many people are born with sensitive or allergic skin that can be worse by wearing clothes with synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and viscose, which sensitive skin reacts highly to it and causes skin irritation.

Linen, silk and cotton fabrics are naturally anti-allergic. They also have antibacterial properties, so they are ideal for sensitive skin. In addition, the softness of these fabrics is great for babies.

Why should we choose natural synthetic fabrics?

In addition to the beauty, natural fabrics are environmentally sustainable and renewable. They are made of trees, plants or animals. Unlike many artificial materials, natural remedies are biodegradable and harmless. They can be easily recycled and reused without harming the environment.

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