Best fabric for summer heat

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We are close to summer and hot weather season has started already so wearing woolen and polyester clothes is unbearable and we need more new options for producing clothes.

Our best choice can be looser clothes made of natural fibers with brighter colors.


Best fabrics for summer


Linen fabric, summer cloth: it is comfortable and cool, and when wet or damp, it gets dry early and the only flaw is its wrinkling.


Cotton fabrics are more popular in summer and are affordable and suitable. It absorbs moisture well and dries at about the same speed. But it's more durable than linen and you can wash it with washing machine without any problem.


Rayon is a synthetic fabric, but it's made of natural cellulose that absorbs moisture. It is cool and comfortable, so it's great for the summer.


Silk is a natural fiber, silk absorbs sunlight and causes the body to sweat more, but light silk fabric can be a good choice.

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