Bamboo fabric

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پارچه بامبو

The fabric or viscose fiber has a very strong moisture absorbent property, sometimes up to 50% more than cotton, and we must know that more it absorbs, more it decrease its strength, so wetting  the fabric of this fiber will weaken and shorten its life.

Its elasticity is lower than the natural ones, and it causes the fabric wrinkle easily. If you take a look at the viscose fabric market, you will see it yourself that this kind of fabric wrinkles a lot and needs to be ironed constantly.

Viscose can be colored easily and takes most of the colors at the dyeing level. Although it will be wrinkled very soon, but the texture of the fabric will cover this weakness well.

     It does not produce electricity, and because of this, it has become a popular fabric for sewing comfort suits.

     They look brilliant and shiny in comparison to cotton fabrics, because cotton fabrics look turbid, but viscose fabrics, and especially polyester, have a special effect in fabric and fiber. But if you put the viscose fabric into the boiling water, this brilliance will be lost and over time will become turbid.

     It has a very high breathing ability, so that it is considered to be a cool fabric or fiber, even cooler than the natural silk. It can be called a heat conductor, because a viscose fabric is more successful than other clothes in maintaining the temperature of the body.

Because of low strength of viscose fiber, it is often used for bed sheet, table-cloths, women's and men's clothing, underwear and sportswear.

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