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yarn bombing

yarn bombing

yarn bombing

Wikipedia describes yarn bombing as "a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk

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Aramid Fiber

Compiler & researcher: Mr. Asghar Rismanchi  (Eng)

The Textile & chemical engineering of Fiber / Researcher in knowledged –based companies

 Aramid Fiber

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Jute Yarn

What is Jute Yarn

what is jute yarn

Jute is known as the ‘Golden Fibre’ due to its golden brown colour and its importance. In terms of usage, production and global consumption, jute is second only to cotton. It is the fibre used to make hessian sacks and garden twine. Jute is environmentally friendly as well as being one of the most affordable fibres; jute plants are easy to grow, have a high yield per acre and, unlike cotton, have little need for pesticides and fertilizers. Jute is a bast fibre, like flax and hemp, and the stems are processed in a similar way.

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The third workshop on quality control in textile dyes - colorimetric

- Part One (colorimetric) organizing Research Institute of Science and Technology Incubator color

- Engineering pigment Tehran

Blessed are the simple heart that something about the meaning of color in his work is that researchers do not know much.

The third workshop on quality control in textile dyes - colorimetric

For them, color is not an issue because the colors are obviously as many phenomena and colored threads. Like night and day, up and down, air and water, as if the sight of all the people go to Fhmanmd what color is.

Doctor Keyvan Ansari, a member of the Faculty and Institute of Science and Technology of color and image processing color