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Viscose -Yarn

Viscose yarn

Viscose is both a semi-synthetic fabric formerly called viscose rayon or rayon and a solution of cellulose xanthate produced by treating dissolving pulp with aqueous sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide used to spin the viscose rayon fiber. Byproducts of the production process include sodium thiocarbonate, sodium carbonate, and sodium sulfide.[1] Viscose rayon fiber is a soft fiber commonly used in dresses, linings, shirts, shorts, coats, jackets, and other outer wear; it is also used in industrial yarns (tyre cord), upholstery and carpets. It is also used in the casting of Cellophane.

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Textile production in Iran dates back to the 10th millennium BCE, and much of the output of Persia’s weavers has rightly been hailed as masterworks. The first European-style factories in Persia were established in the 1850s and were among the first establishments in the country to use modern technology


Do you know about angora yarn

Do you know about angora yarn

 Rabbit hair (also called rabbit fur, cony, coney, comb or lapin) is the fur of the common rabbit. It is most commonly used in the making of fur hats and coats, and is considered quite valuable today, although it was once a lower-priced commodity in the fur trade.

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What is Viscose Yarn

What is Viscose Yarn

Viscose fiber is made from purified cellulose, it is produced from specially processed wood pulp. Viscose is very similar to cotton and silk . It is a fine and soft material commonly used in t-shirts , tunics , shirts and dresses ,all of them ,includes cellulose. There are two kinds of fibres: natural (cotton, wool and silk) ; and artificial ones synthesised out of petrochemicals (nylon and polyester).

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