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وضعیت آماری کاربران

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About the site

Iran Yarn is an informative website and platform about production & distribution of different kinds of yarns. Iran Yarn intends to facilitate connection & relationship between yarn consumers, yarnmanufactures & yarn traders with the lowest cost and during short time.

Iran Yarn visitors are 4 groups  :

1. Yarn Consumers :

Web Visitors in this group are persons who follow the latest yarn news and yarn prices regularly and people who intend buy yarns.

2.Yarn manufactures :

Web Visitors in this group are persons who intend to present and sell their products.

3. Yarn Traders :

Web Visitors in this group are persons who are looking for reliable & suitable yarn buyers & sellers.

4.Others :

People who are curious persons in yarn field and personsthat are interested in finding the latest news and information about yarn, yarn production, yarn distribution and so on.

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